1At least young parts with red glands. Lower side of leaflets sericeous. Pistillode, ovary and fruits 2-celled; stigma with 2 lines
1'Red glands absent. Lower side of leaflets glabrous to puberulous, if appressed hairy then not sericeous. Pistillode, ovary and fruits 3-celled; stigma with 3 lines.
2Axial parts villose to tomentose. Petals glabrous outside, with 1 scale. Stamens exserted. New Guinea
2'Axial parts strigose. Petals hairy outside, with 2 scales. Stamens not exserted. Celebes
3Leaflets usually with small, pocket-like domatia. Petalar scales crested. Fruits ellipsoid, lenticular or obcordate, 4-8 by 4-6 cm, stipe c. 10 mm long. Seeds 3.5-4 by 2-3 cm, with a sarcotesta
3'Leaflets without domatia. Petalar scales not crested. Fruits transversely ellipsoid to obreniform, 2 by 3 cm, stipe 1 mm long. Seeds 1 by 0.5 cm, with an arillode
4Stamens (or staminodes) 8
4'Stamens (or staminodes) 10-14
5Leaflets entire, rarely obscurely crenate
5'Leaflets dentate to serrate, rarely crenate or entire, but never all leaflets entire
6Axial parts strigose. Flowering twigs 1-5 mm in diam. Leaves (l-)2-6(-7)-jugate
6'Axial parts villose to tomentose. Flowering twigs 10-15 mm in diam. Leaves 6-11-jugate
7Leaflets (narrowly) obovate or rarely elliptic, apex obtuse to rounded, often retuse, rarely shortly and broadly acuminate. Petals in male flowers elliptic to obovate, sometimes semicircular, 0.5-3.5 by 0.6-3.6 mm
7'Leaflets ovate, apex acuminate. Petals in male flowers Ungulate, 1.8-2.3 by 0.5-0.7 mm
8Upper leaflets 25.5-32.5 by 6-7 mm, apex acuminate, petiolules 2-5 mm long. Anthers glabrous
8'Upper leaflets c. 21.5 by 7 mm, apex rounded, petiolules 15-17 mm long. Anthers hairy. Testa of seeds hairy at apex
9Leaves 6-jugate. Upper leaflets narrowly elliptic, c. 32.5 by 6 mm, petiolules 2-3 mm long. Inflorescences 10.5 cm long. Bracts subelliptic to acicular, 1.9-3 by 0.5-1.2 mm
9'Leaves c. 10-jugate. Upper leaflets ovate, c. 25.5 by 7.3 cm, petiolules 3-5 mm long. Inflorescences 19.5-35 cm long. Bracts narrowly triangular, 0.6-1 by 0.2-0.4 mm
10Inflorescences longer than 3 cm, with long or short branches, laxly flowered. Petals shorter than, exceptionally as long as the sepals
10'Inflorescences up to 3 cm long, without, rarely with short branches, densely flowered. Petals longer than, rarely as long as or shorter than the sepals
11Leaves (3-)4-18(-28)-jugate. Leaflets thinly papyraceous to coriaceous
11'Leaves 2-3-jugate. Leaflets coriaceous
12Leaflets usually dentate in upper part, rarely entire. Endocarp villose
12'Leaflets dentate to serrate all around, rarely crenate or entire. Endocarp thinly to densely appressed hairy to more or less villose