1Herbaceous with woody base:
1'Leaves simple, usually more or less bilobed, sometimes deeply divided (seemingly bifoliolate). Venation palmate (or fan-like), or parallel:
1''Young leaves in pendent, linear, stipular or bracteate sheath buds (up to 20 cm long):
1'''Leaves bifoliolate. Leaflets and floral parts pellucid-punctate. Pods indehiscent:
1''''Leaf-stalks or axes of inflorescences sometimes bearing nectariferous glands
1'''''Leaflets sometimes with a pair of wart-like glands at the base and/or at the apex:
1''''''Leaflets usually with 1 or 2 small crateriform glands at the basal part on lower surface:
1'''''''Leaflets opposite, asymmetric, the midrib usually excentric and close to the upper margin. Buds covered by 2-ranked, caducous bud-scales. Inflorescences axillary, sessile, globular, contracted:
1''''''''Rachis of pinna elongate, flattened, phyllodial, ending in a spine, persistent. Leaflets tiny, numerous. Pods often constricted between the seeds:
1'''''''''Spines often branched:
1''''''''''Leaves bipinnate, armed:
1'''''''''''Leaves bipinnate, unarmed:
1''''''''''''Inflorescences long, hanging racemose, loosely flowered. Flowers large, showy, red. Petals 5.7-7 cm long:
1'''''''''''''Inflorescences short, compact, mostly nodding capitate, densely flowered:
1''''''''''''''Calyx lobes often with spiny outgrowths on the outer surface:
1'''''''''''''''Calyx and corolla pellucid-glandular:
1''''''''''''''''Petals absent, or 1-5 petals greatly reduced:
1'''''''''''''''''Petals: only 1 developed, the others rudimentary or wanting:
1''''''''''''''''''Stamens many, 15-80; filaments often connate at the base:
1'''''''''''''''''''Stamens: often only 2 fertile:
1''''''''''''''''''''Stamens with filaments more or less equal in length; filaments pilose at the basal part:
1'''''''''''''''''''''Anther-thecae dehiscing by apical or basal pores, or short slits:
1''''''''''''''''''''''Anthers ± hairy at apical and/or basical ends: ,
1'''''''''''''''''''''''Pods often spiny: ,
1''''''''''''''''''''''''Pods rather big, globose or subglobose, drupaceous, c. 6 cm in diam., with a roughish, somewhat scrufy-granular brown surface:
1'''''''''''''''''''''''''Pods winged along both sutures:
1''''''''''''''''''''''''''Pods surrounded by a broad, papery wing:
1'''''''''''''''''''''''''''Pods winged along only one suture:
1''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Pods samaroid, with an oblique or falcate wing above the seed bearing part:
1'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Pods dehiscing at the apex only:
1''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Pods indehiscent, drupe-like:
1'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Seeds with strongly folded cotyledons (easily seen in section). Slashed wood usually exuding a green sap (see field note):