1Sepals free (flowers ± campanulate). Corona present. Leaves with 1-2 mm wide peltate base; basal glands 2, free or contiguous. Sect. Microblepharis.
1'Sepals largely connate (flowers ± tubiform). Corona absent. Leaves not peltate; basal glands 2, on 2 auricles at the transition of petiole and blade. Sect. Erythrocarpus.
2Calyx lobes (1-)1½-3 mm, reflexed in anthesis. Leaves entire or lobed, suborbicular to lanceolate in outline, with cordate to acute base, 5-25 cm long. Gland-bearing auricles shallowly concave, more or less adnate to the blade, sometimes ± peltately connate.
2'Calyx lobes 1-2 mm, erect in anthesis. Leaves entire, ovate to oblong, with deeply cordate to sub-truncate base, 2½-10(-17) cm long. Gland-bearing auricles hemiglobular, deeply concave, ± separate from the blade, not peltately connate.
3Stipe of ♂ flowers 4-15 mm; ♂ flowers including stipe (10-)15-25(-30) by 1½-5(-7½) mm. Flower buds oval to obovate. Fruits ellipsoid to oblong; dry pericarp coriaceous. Leaves entire or lobed.
3'Stipe of ♂ flowers 1-4(-8) mm. Flower buds ovate. Fruits subglobular or ± fusiform; dry pericarp woody. Leaves entire.
4♂ Flowers including the 1½-4(-S) mm long stipe 9-15 by 2-3½ mm. Anthers (4-)4½-7 by ¾-1¼ mm. Leaves suborbicular, ovate or obovate to oblong-lanceolate, palmati- to pinninerved, with acute-acuminate to rounded base and obtuse to acute,up to c. 1 cm acuminate apex; when dry green to dark brown above, pale brownish or greenish to whitish beneath. Glands at blade-base restricted to the auricles. Fruits globular or ± fusiform; the valves ½-3 mm thick.
4'♂ Flowers including the 1-1½ mm long stipe 7-9 by 4(-5) mm. Anthers 3-4 by 1 mm. Leaves ovate to ovate-elliptic, sub-3-5-plinerved, with cordate to broadly rounded base and ½-1½ cm acuminate apex; when dry dark brown at both surfaces. Glands at blade-base large, extending beyond the auricles on the blade. Fruits globular, with c. 3 mm thick valves
5Fruits fusiform, ± 3(-6)-angular; valves when dry hard-coriaceous, 1-1½ mm thick. ♂ Flowers including the 10-20 mm long stipe 18-35 by 1½-3(-4) mm.
5'Fruits globular, not ribbed; dry valves ± woody, (1-)1½-2½ mm thick. ♂ Flowers including the 9-10 mm long stipe 16-18 by 2½-3 mm