1Leaves bipinnate
1'Leaves pinnate to simple
2Leaves all simple (or unifoliolate)
2'Leaves pinnate to trifoliolate.
3Hairs simple only
3'Indumentum of at least some stellate hairs and/or stellate or peltate scales
4Deciduous shrub; fruit a capsule
4'Evergreen trees; fruit a berry.
5Anthers in 2 whorls of 5
5'Anthers in 1 whorl
6Flowers very small; small tree (Philippines)
6'Flowers conspicuous; trees with Terminalia-branching
7Hairs mixed simple and stellate, suckering shrublets to 1 m
7'Indumentum of stellate hairs and/or stellate or peltate scales; suckers absent
8Leaves all trifoliolate
8'Leaves pinnate 10
9Hairs simple
9'Indumentum of stellate hairs and/or stellate or peltate scales
10Leaves with pseudogemmula (apical bud)
10'Leaves without pseudogemmula
11Leaves with scales and/or stellate hairs
11'Leaves with simple hairs
12Shrublet with large white flowers and capsular fruits
12'Trees or treelets
13Disk present; capsule 5-locular, ± persistent calyx of 5 free sepals; scales absent
13'Disk absent; fruit different; scales often present
14Female inflorescence and infructescence long spicate, scales absent
14'Not this combination of characters.
15Budscales present (Swietenioideae)
15'Budscales absent
16Leaves (l–)2–4(–5)-jugate, maritime.
16'Leaves with more leaflets, forest trees
17Staminal tube present; capsule with 60–100 terminally winged seeds per locule
17'Stamens free; capsule with many fewer seeds with terminal wings or winged at both ends
18Leaves paripinnate
18'Leaves imparipinnate
19Stigma with conspicuous lobes; fruit a drupe
19'Stigma unlobed; fruit a capsule or berry
20Disk absent; fruit a berry
20'Disk present; fruit a capsule
21Anthers in 1 whorl of 10; berries on branches and trunk.
21'Anthers in 2 whorls of 5; berries on axillary infructescences
22Staminal tube cyathiform
22'Staminal tube cylindrical to patelliform
23Leaf rachis swollen at insertion of leaflets
23'Leaf rachis not swollen thus
24Disk absent; fruit a berry
24'Disk present; fruit a capsule or drupe
25Stigma with conspicuous lobes; fruit a 1- (or 2-)seeded drupe
25'Stigma without such lobes; fruit a capsule or drupe with 5 pyrenes
26Staminal tube deeply cleft; fruit a drupe or 1-seeded capsule
26'Staminal tube not deeply cleft; fruit a capsule
27Corolla valvate; fruit a 5- or 6-pyrened drupe
27'Corolla imbricate; fruit a 1-seeded capsule
28Petals 3, disk absent
28'Petals 4 or more, disk present