1Rhizome monopodial, herbaceous, with a short erect stem at each node. Leaf sheath persisting longer than the leaf blade. Anthers stalked
1'Rhizome sympodial, ligneous, with elongate, more or less branched, erect stems, arising from every fourth internode; roots 1-5 on the internode preceding the stem-bearing internode. Leaves with parallel nerves and denticulate apex. Leaf blade shed with its sheath. ‘Flowers’ enclosed by 4 leafy bracts. Anthers subsessile, connate over their whole length, each crowned with one appendage. Style with 2 stigmata. False fruit composed of 1 or 2 fertilised ovaries surrounded by an enlarged fleshy bract
2Leaves flat. Flowers solitary
2'Leaves subulate. ‘Flowers’ arranged in a cymose inflorescence.
3Nerves 3. Anthers not attached at the same height on the stalk. Ovary with 1 undivided style
3'Nerves 7-17. Anthers attached at the same height on the stalk. Style divided into 2 stigmata