KEY TO THE GENERA (Genera of cultivated species included)

1Inflorescence always an umbel with 1 to few spathes (Amaryllidoideae)
1'Inflorescence not an umbel, spathes absent (Hypoxidoideae)
2Filaments inserted on the throat of the perigone-tube, with a thin membrane sometimes 1- or 2-toothed between the filaments (false corona). True corona absent.
2'Filaments free from the perigone-tube, false corona absent. True corona present or not
3Leaves distincdy petiolate, subcircular to elliptic, cuneate to slightly cordate at base.
3'Leaves sessile or subpetiolate, linear to narrowly elliptic, attenuate into the petiole
4Perigone-tube up to 3.5 cm long, straight. Ovules 2 per cell.
4'Perigone-tube at least 3.5 cm long, often curved. Ovules usually 6 or more per cell (cult.)
5Ovary with 10 or more biseriate ovules in each cell. Fruit dry, 3-loculicid. Seeds black
5'Ovary with 1-9 ovules near the bottom in each cell. Fruit fleshy, finally rupturing laterally. Seeds green
6Flowers with a corona (cult.)
6'Flowers without a corona
7Inflorescences always 1-flowered
7'Inflorescences 2-to many-flowered
8Perigone zygomorphic with free tepals; the outer ones much broader than the inner, the latter connate into a channel enveloping stamens and style (cult.)
8'Perigone actinomorphic with tepals united at the base
9Perigone-tube less than 3 cm long. Longest filaments more than 10 cm long. Style bent out of the flower (cult.)
9'Perigone-tube more than 5 cm long. Longest filaments less than 8 cm long. Style erect in the centre of the flower (cult.)
10Tepals free, brilliant white with a small green blotch below the top (cult.)
10'Tepals at base united into a tube
11Flowers distinctly zygomorphic
11'Flowers actinomorphic or nearly so
12Leaves petiolate, 2 or 3 times as long as wide. Perigone violet. Ovules 2 per cell (cult.)
12'Leaves sessile, more than 5 times as long as wide. Perigone red, reddish, pink or white. Ovules numerous in each cell
13Peduncle solid (cult.)
13'Peduncle fistular (cult.)
14Perigone-tube more than 5 cm long
14'Perigone-tube up to 5 cm long
15Peduncle fistular. Stamens inserted in the perigone-tube. Fruit a capsule
15'Peduncle solid. Stamens inserted at the throat or on the segments of the perigone. Fruit a berry
16Perigone-tube funnel-shaped (cult.)
16'Perigone-tube narrow (cult.)
17Perigone-tube funnel-shaped, segments wide, orange-coloured (cult.)
17'Perigone-tube narrow, segments linear, reddish to purple (cult.)
18Tepals very shortly to distinctly united into a tube. Fruit fleshy, indehiscent or irregularly dehiscent, often persistently beaked
18'Tepals free. Fruit dry, regularly dehiscent, never beaked.