1Corolla lobes dextrorse, sometimes only slightly
1'Corolla lobes in bud valvate
2Corolla in bud acute or acuminate at apex; corolla lobes more or less symmetrical, pinkish or reddish
2'Corolla in bud rounded or obtuse at apex; corolla lobes falcate, white or greenish white
3Leaves pubescent all over beneath
3'Leaves glabrous or pubescent only in nerve axils
4Sepals ovate or oblong, 0.6-2.1 mm long, 1-2.1 times as long as wide.
4'Sepals narrow linear, 2.1-4 mm long, (2.3-)3.5-6 times as long as wide.
5Sepals oblong to spathulate, 1.9-4 mm long; leaves usually shiny above; fruits distinctly torulose
5'Sepals ovate to oblong, 0.6-3 mm long; leaves not shiny above; fruits not torulose
6Sepals longer than corolla tube, oblong
6'Sepals shorter than to as long as corolla tube, ovate to oblong
7Corolla tube narrow, not noticeably wider at base; fruit dagger-shaped. — Philippines, Sulawesi, Borneo
7'Corolla tube frequently noticeably wider at base; fruit fusiform to linear. — Widespread
8Sepals strongly reflexed
8'Sepals not reflexed
9Leaves elliptic to obovate, base often cordate, coriaceous
9'Leaves elliptic, base rounded, papery
10Inflorescence densely pale puberulent; corolla bud globular; fruits dagger-shaped
10'Inflorescence densely to sparsely dark puberulent; corolla bud ovoid to subglobular; fruits linear to fusiform
11Leaves mostly obovate, base cordate, secondary veins very prominent beneath; fruit thick walled
11'Leaves mostly elliptic or oblong, base rounded to cuneate, secondary veins not or barely prominent beneath; fruit thin walled