1Venation laxly reticulate, prominent on both sides of the leaflet
1'Venation on the upper side of the leaflets minutely reticulate, often inconspicuous to hardly visible
2Slender. Twigs 0.25-1 cm in diam. Leaves 1-5(-8)-jugate. Leaflets linear or elliptic, up to 20 cm long, 2.5-8.5 cm broad. Continental Asia, Malay Peninsula, Sumatra
2'Robust. Twigs up to 1.5 cm in diam. Leaves 4-9-jugate. Leaflets linear, 10-35 by 5-10 cm. Borneo, Palawan
3Leaflets elliptic, not or sometimes slightly acuminate; nerves above prominulous to flat; intercalated veins hardly conspicuous. Continental Asia, Malay Peninsula
3'Leaflets linear with a long and slender acumen; nerves above sunken; intercalated veins well developed. Malay Peninsula, Sumatra
4Leaflets beneath rather densely ± patently hairy, especially on the veins, in between glabrous or sometimes sparsely patently or loosely appressedly hairy, the indumentum thus emphasizing the venation
4'Leaflets beneath between the nerves either minutely sericeous, the indumentum obscuring the venation, or ± glabrous
5Twigs and leaf axes hairy. Largest leaflets 20-35 cm long, up to 5 times as long as wide; nervation not conspicuously dense, nerves in the central part of the leaflets 0.5-2 mm apart. Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Borneo
5'Twigs and leaf axes early glabrescent. Leaflets up to 17 cm long, 2-2.5 times as long as wide; nervation dense, nerves in the central part of the leaflets 0.5-0.75 mm apart. Borneo
6Petiole terete nearly to the base. Leaflets flexible pergamentaceous or papyraceous when dried, apex distinctly, mostly long, slender, acute acuminate
6'Petiole strongly flattened at base. Leaflets stiff- pergamentaceous, apex obtuse to rounded hardly acuminate. Malay Peninsula, Sumatra
7Leaflets linear with parallel sides, beneath gla brous or early glabrescent. Twigs and leaves soon glabrous (Borneo) or hairy (Malay Peninsula, Sumatra) (var. cuspidatum)
7'Leaflets elliptic with gradually curved sides, beneath ± sericeous. Twigs, leaf axes, and midrib beneath densely hairy. Borneo
8Fruit appendages straight, upper part 2-4 mm long. Borneo
8'Fruit appendages curved, upper part c. 8-10 mm long. Malaya