Utricularia chrysantha

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Utricularia chrysantha


Terrestrial. Inflorescence erect, up to 55 cm long (-63 fide PULLEN); Ovary ovoid, style short but distinct, stigma lower lip orbicular, upper minute, deltoid. Capsule globose, c. 2 mm long, firm and relatively thick, dehiscing by a ventral narrowly linear lanceolate pore. Seeds numerous, obovoid, c. 0.25 mm long, hilum terminal, distinct, testa thin, reticulate, reticulations slightly elongate.


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present, Australasia: Northern Territory (Northern Territory present); Queensland (Queensland present), Papua present, northern W. Australia present
Australia (northern W. Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland) and Malesia: New Guinea (Papua).


This well known Australian species has been discovered (as has U. muelleri) in a number of localities in Papua relatively recently. It is possible that other smaller and less conspicuous Australian species may yet be found in the same region.


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