Myristica bifurcata subsp. sulaica

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Myristica bifurcata subsp. sulaica


Tree 10-40 m. Leaves early glabrescent. Fruits subglobose or ovoid to ellipsoid(-oblong), 3-4 by 2.5 cm, with scurfy hairs 0.2 mm.


Asia-Tropical, E Sula Is present, Halmahera present, N Moluccas present, Obi present
Malesia: N Moluccas (E Sula Is., Halmahera, Obi).


Subsp. sulaica is exceptionally variable in the length of the hairs on the leaf bud, 0.1-1 mm.


Bark boiled in water and exudate drunk by young women with yellow faces (?anaemia) {de Vogel 4455). Wood used for house construction.