Dodonaea viscosa

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Dodonaea viscosa


Shrub or treelet, up to 8 m high, dbh up to 20 cm; Leaves elliptic to obovate, (including the petiole) (5-)9-15 by (1.5-)2.5-4 cm, index 3-4.5, thin-pergamentaceous to papyraceous; Inflorescences 3-3.5 cm long, laxly and widely branched, with 12-15 flowers; Flowers bisexual. Sepals (3 or) 4, elliptic, c. 2.75 by 1.5-1.75 mm, outside sometimes with a few paired hairs, the margin sparsely ciliate mainly towards the apex, glabrous inside; Stamens 5-7, scars distinct in fruit; Fruits inflated, reniform-cordate, 8-12 by 11-16 mm, membranous, yellowish to light brown, very sparsely glandular, otherwise glabrous;


Asia-Tropical, Pantropical present
Pantropical, throughout Malesia.


For a description of the timber, see p. 427.


1. In literature, the distinction between D, viscosa and D. angustifolia is hardly ever made, even though, in Malesia at least, one was aware of the existence of a coastal form, regarded here as true D. viscosa, and a montane form, D. angustifolia.
2. Rumphius' Caryophyllaster litoreus is probably also such a mixture: the name and the habitat point to D. viscosa, the description and the plate, however, seem to represent D. angustifolia.


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