Exocarya scleroides

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Exocarya scleroides


Leaves flat, to 6.5 mm broad, tapering into long subulate points; Inflorescence an umbellate panicle, varying in size, but often very large, to 20 cm Ø, the longest rays up to 15 cm, pedicels filiform.


Asia-Tropical, Australasia: New South Wales (New South Wales present); Queensland (Queensland present), E. Australia present, Ferguson I present, Papua New Guinea present
E. Australia (New South Wales, Queensland); in Malesia: Papua New Guinea (once collected in Ferguson I.).


This plant belongs to the tribe Hypolytreae and is obviously intermediate between Paramapania and Hypolytrum, differing from the former in the presence of only 2 interior, flat hypogynous scales, while Hypolytrum lacks those scales. The stomata are tetracytic, as in Lepironia and Scirpodendron.


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