Thottea rhizantha

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Thottea rhizantha


Erect shrub or treelet, up to c. 1.25 m high. Leaves subcoriaceous, elliptic, oblanceolate, or oblong, 21-42.5 by 9.5-16.5 cm, apex acuminate; Inflorescences near the base of the stem, in the axils of bracts, few-branched, paniculiform or racemiform, internodes spacious, villous; Stamens in 2 whorls: Capsules unknown.


Asia-Tropical: Borneo present (Sarawak present); Sumatera (Sumatera present), Bellaga near Bintulu present, Djambi present, Kapit Distr present, Sg. Lesing near Pauh present
Malesia: Sumatra (Djambi: Sg. Lesing near Pauh); Borneo (Sarawak: Bellaga near Bintulu; Kapit Distr.).


Roots boiled in water is taken to cure gonorrhoea in Sarawak.


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