Gleditsia rolfei

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Gleditsia rolfei


Tree 20-22 m tall, 40-45 cm in diam., trunks with stout thorns up to c. 8 cm long; young branches with supra-axillary thorns up to 1 cm long. Leaves 10-24 cm long; shortly petioled, both petiole and rachis sparsely puberulous; petiolules short. Inflorescences up to c. 9 cm long; pedicels 3-5 mm. Flowers puberulous outside. Petals 5, white, similar to calyx lobes in shape and size. Stamens 10; filaments subulate, apical part inflexed, pilose except the apical part; anthers versatile, 1.3 mm long, apiculate; reduced to staminodes in female flowers. Ovary covered with appressed hairs, c. 20-ovuled; pistil reduced in male flowers, filiform or obscure. Seeds up to c. 20, ellipsoid, compressed, c. 12 by 6 mm.


Asia-Temperate: Taiwan (Taiwan present), Asia-Tropical: Laos (Laos present); Vietnam (Vietnam present), Luzon present, Maros present, Minahasa present, Mindanao present, Mt Bonthain present, Negros present, Samar present
Vietnam, Laos, Taiwan; Malesia: Philippines (Luzon, Samar, Negros, Mindanao), Celebes (Minahasa, Maros, Mt Bonthain).


Koorders (I.e. 1898) based his new species Gleditsia celebica exclusively on his own collections from NE Celebes (Minahasa) in the 'Mus. Hort. Bogor' (now BO) without citation of specimens and without designation of the type. The species was later treated as a synonym of G. rolfei in the publications of Koorders-Schumacher (l.c.) and Koorders (l.c. 1918). The Koorders collections were then cited under that species. These collections obviously belong to the authentic material of G. celebica, so they may be (all) considered as the syntypes. So far I have not found any published lectotypification of the name.


Wood suitable for house building material.


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