Pronephrium lineatum

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Pronephrium lineatum


Asia-Tropical: Borneo (Sabah present), Central & East Java present, Sulu Archipelago present, Tawi-Tawi present
Malesia: Central & East Java (3 collections) and Sabah (Bettotan, Kloss SFN 19083); Sulu Archipelago, Tawi-Tawi (Alcasid & Celestino PNH 7507).


Mettenius (1858) included Aspidium affine Bl. as a synonym, and his description is composite; Hooker (1862) copied him; later authors mostly described A. affine under the name lineatum, not noticing that Blume's descriptions of the two species indicate fronds of quite different form.
Blume gave Noesa Kambangan as type locality, but the only specimen named in his hand is unlocalized; it agrees well with his description. The published description of Alsophila fragilis Zoll. & Mor. is doubtfully valid, but the specimens of Zollinger 1019 certainly agree with Blume's. The sporangia of the type have both glands and setae; those of Zollinger 1019 glands only.


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