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Liana. Leaves simple, entire, pinninerved; Inflorescences axillary or slightly supra-axillary, shortly peduncled, 1-15-flowered, mostly without a tendril. Flowers polygamous (bisexual or functionally unisexual). Sepals and petals free; Stamens 5, filaments free or connate to more than halfway into a tube enveloping (not connate with) the gynophore. Ovary subglobose to ellipsoid; Fruit globose, pericarp coriaceous to woody.


Asia-Tropical, from the Moluccas eastwards to the Solomons present
Malesia: monotypic, from the Moluccas eastwards to the Solomons.


Distinctly related to the monotypic genus Tetrapathaea, from New Zealand, which differs by 4-merous flowers and the absence of a separate inner corona.


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