Macropanax maingayi

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Macropanax maingayi


Small tree, up to 15 m. Leaves dispersed along the shoots; Inflorescence a terminal panicle of umbellules, with a stout rachis to 20 cm, terminating in an umbellule and bearing lateral secondary branches (c. 12 cm) which also terminate in umbellules and bear racemosely arranged tertiary branches (c. 4 cm) which terminate in umbellules; Flowers of small umbellules usually 5-merous, of larger umbellules usually 6-7-merous, pedicels c. 1 cm at anthesis, slightly elongating in fruit. Petals of terminal flowers c. 3 mm long, fleshy. Ovary subglobose, c. 2 mm high; Fruit enlarging to a drupe 2 by 1 cm with a persistent calyx rim and a prominent conical stylopodium tapering into the stylar column bearing the recurved distal parts of the styles.


Asia-Tropical: Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia present), Central Sumatra present, East Coast Res present, Kedah present, Mt Kerintji present, Tonkin present
Tonkin; in Malesia: Malay Peninsula (from Kedah southwards) and Central Sumatra (East Coast Res. and Mt Kerintji).


The trunk may have small buttresses, the bark is rugose with large lenticels, and produces a watery exudate when cut. The flowers are greenish yellow.


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