Cyperus fulvus

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Cyperus fulvus


Perennial with very short rhizome. Leaves crowded, mostly shorter than the stems, linear, rigid, keeled-complicate, septate-nodulose, light or greyish green, scabrous on the margins, (2-)4 mm wide. Inflorescence simple or subcompound. Stamens 3;


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present, NE. Australia present, Papua present
Widely distributed in NE. Australia, in Malesia once collected: New Guinea, Papua, near Quaipo (MACGREGOR in 1889). Not seen.


Highly variable. S. T. BLAKE, l.c., referred the Papuan collection to var. confusus (CLARKE) . — Mariscus fulvus var. confusus CLARKE ex , although in his opinion it is doubtful how much importance can be assigned to the varieties that have been described. See also DOMIN, l.c.


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