Allium fistulosum

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Allium fistulosum


Inflorescence (hemi)spherical. Flowers narrowly campanulate to urceolate;


Asia-Temperate: Korea present; Taiwan (Taiwan present), Japan present present, SE Asia present, tropical Asia present
Origin in Siberia and China, not known as a wild species. Allium fistulosum has been, since prehistoric times, the main garden onion of China and Japan. It is cultivated widely throughout the world, ranging from Siberia to tropical Asia, including China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the SE Asian countries.


Allium x proliferum (Moench) Schrad. ex Willd. Wakegi group, a hybrid between A. fistulosum and A. cepa cv. group Aggregatum, is cultivated occasionally in Malesia. It has been grown for centuries in China, Japan, and SE Asia []. This hybrid has characters from both parents. It develops a distinct bulb like the shallot, and terete leaves like A. fistulosum but slender and very erect. The flowers are subcampanulate as in A. cepa, but the stamens exceed the perianth and the inner filaments are without lateral teeth at the base as in the other parent The hybrid is completely sterile and does not form fertile seeds.