Carex appressa

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Carex appressa


Leaves in the lower 1/4-1/3 of the stem, shorter to longer than the stem, very stiff, flat to conduplicate, long-acuminate, with very scabrous margins, pale green, 3-10 mm wide. Inflorescence a slender, oblong-cylindric, contracted, spike-like panicle, 5-25 by 1-2 cm;


Arfak Mts present, Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present, Australasia, Finisterre Range present, Lake Habbema in W. and Western Highlands present, Mt Sarawaket present, New Caledonia present, New Zealand present
Widespread in Australia, also in New Zealand and New Caledonia; in Malesia: New Guinea (Arfak Mts, Lake Habbema in W. and Western Highlands, Finisterre Range, Mt Sarawaket, in E.).


The stems are sometimes smooth or almost so.


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