Viola odorata

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Viola odorata


Perennial; Leaves 2½-6 by 2½ by 6½ cm, orbicular-reniform to -ovate, deeply cordate, rounded to obtuse, shallowly crenate to crenate-serrate, glabrous or sparsely pubescent on veins and margins; Stipules 8-12 by 3-5 mm, ovate to ovate-lanceolate, usually glandular-fimbriate, glabrous, free. Flowers 10-15 mm, purple or white; Sepals c. 5 by c. 2 mm, ovate, obtuse, entire, with ciliate margins; Petals broadly obovate, laterals bearded or not; Capsule globose, pubescent.


Asia Minor present, Asia-Temperate, Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines cultivated), Luzon cultivated, Throughout Europe except the extreme north present, mountain regions of Java cultivated
Throughout Europe except the extreme north, Asia Minor, Caucasus, in Malesia: garden-ornamental in mountain regions of Java and the Philippines (Luzon); not known to be naturalized but BACKER & BAKHUIZEN f. stated that “it is planted to prevent erosion by rain-wash”.


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