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Shrubs or low trees; Leaves spiral, sometimes fascicled on brachyblasts, penninerved. Inflorescences axillary or at the end of brachyblasts, arranged in rather few-flowered peduncled, sometimes umbel-like cymes, or in fascicles, rarely solitary; Flowers usually bisexual, rarely functionally unisexual. Petals 4 (rarely 5), free, linear-oblong, finally revolute about halfway, with a brush of hairs on the inner surface. Stamens 8 (rarely 10), free, hypogynous, alternately epipetalous and episepalous; Ovary sessile, superior, (3-) 4-locular; Fruit superior, drupaceous, with a rather thin pulpy pericarp, and a crustaceous to woody endocarp. Seed 1;


pantropical and -subtropical present
8 spp. in the (sub)tropics, rather closely allied to each other, one of them (X. americana) pantropical and -subtropical.


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