? Crucicaryum

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? Crucicaryum


Small, erect herbs, stems appressed villose. Leaves lanceolate, upper ones sessile, lower ones unknown. Inflorescences subthyrsoidal cincinni, bracteate. Flowers numerous, stalked. Stamens 5 (?), inserted in tube.


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea endemic
A monotypic genus, endemic in New Guinea.


Nothing is known of this genus except the original description translated into English with slight alterations by Van Royen. His text is followed here word for word. Van Royen's suspicion that it represents a poor form of Cynoglossum javanicum (Lehm.) Thunb. (C. hellwigii O. Brand in the interpretation adopted in this treatment), may be correct, though it does not explain the flat receptacle and the bracteate inflorescence. However, does Brand's description mean that it is bracteate throughout? Bracts may be present in the lower part of the inflorescence in any case. If there is no stylar column the genus would have to be included in Lithospermeae otherwise not represented in the area, or maybe in Trigonotideae. No final conclusion can be reached before additional new material becomes known from the alpine zone of the Sarawaket Range in the northeastern part of Papua New Guinea.


P. Royen 1975 – In: Pac. Sc.: 96