Liriope graminifolia

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Liriope graminifolia


Leaves basal, caespi- tose, linear to narrowly linear-oblanceolate, minutely denticulate on the margins, the central vein sometimes conspicuously larger than the others, expanded to form membranous wings towards the base, 25-90 cm long, 2-9 mm broad. Leafy shoots occasionally produced from axil of bracts on inflorescence. Seeds oblong (perhaps only when young) or globose, c. 5 mm long.


Asia-Temperate, Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines presentpresent), Batan Is present, Japan present, Luzon present, Mindoro present, North Malesia present
Japan, China and North Malesia: Philippines (Batan Is.; Mindoro and Luzon).
The paucity of collections suggests that this species is rare in the Philippines.


The differences between L. graminifolia and L. spicata are not clear. Hume depended for their separation largely on the conspicuous membranous basal wings to the leaves of the former, associated with quantitative characters of the leaves and inflorescence. L. graminifolia is likely to remain the correct name for the Philippine species whether L. spicata is treated as a synonym or not.
L. muscari (Decne) L. H. Bailey () differs according to Hume by caespitose habit and stiffer and wider leaves (8-26 mm).


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