Stephania reticulata

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Stephania reticulata


Woody climber. Leaves with petioles 4-12 cm, glabrous or puberulous towards the apex;


Asia-Tropical: Borneo (Sarawak present), Crocker range present, Mt Kinabalu present, N. Borneo present, Pa-talung present, Pattani present, Peninsular Thailand present, Tenasserim present, W. Java present
Tenasserim and Peninsular Thailand (Pa-talung; Pattani); in Malesia: W. Java and N. Borneo (Sarawak; Mt Kinabalu&Crocker Range).


This species is clearly distinguished by its very small, axillary, male inflorescences bearing shortly pedicellate flowers, and also by the pedicel-late fruits containing remarkable endocarps which dorsally bear 2 inner rows of ± rod-like projections and 2 outer rows of thin, transverse, plate-like pro-jections, which are hooked on the outer margin. The projections are irregularly divided at their tips and the whole dorsal surface of the endocarp between the projections is very rough.
BACKER &BAKH.f. () exclude this species from W. Java, but I disagree (l.c. 1968).


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