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Dioecious shrubs or trees, to 41 m tall. Bark hard, dark brown or blackish but weathering to gray, surface rough with occasional lenticels, inside pink to reddish brown and granular or slightly fibrous, on older trees breaking off in small thick, somewhat vertically elongated plates or sometimes short strips. Leaves amphistomatic, spirally placed, broadly decurrent, apiculate. Leaves at the base of the seed-bearing structure sharply elongated to form an involucre which often surrounds the immature seed-bearing structure but which in the shorter examples becomes spreading as the structure grows. The inverted ovules completely surrounded by the epimatium and fused as a rib along one side with the fertile bract whose short free tip forms a small off-centre crest over the mature structure.


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present, New Zealand present, Pacific: Fiji (Fiji present), northern Burma present, southernmost China present
Ranging from northern Burma and southernmost China to Fiji and New Zealand 9 spp.; in Malesia abundant with 7 spp., reaching their greatest variety in New Guinea with 5 spp. .


Sterile specimens strongly resemble Dacrydium and hence the generic name. The fusion of the fertile scale with the epimatium is a unique trait of the genus while the seeds of Dacrydium are furthermore naked. In most cases sterile specimens can be readily distinguished from Dacrydium by the distinctly dimorphic foliage.


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