Myosoton aquaticum

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Myosoton aquaticum


Perennial or annual prostrate or erect herbs. Leaves thin, ovate to elliptic, 15-65(-80) by 5-30 mm, base obtuse or cordate, apex acuminate, nerves 3, the lower ones subsessile or with a short petiole up to c. 8 mm; Inflorescence a terminal open cyme with 5-20 flowers; Flowers 10-15 mm diameter. Sepals 5, free, ovate, c. 4.5 by 2.5 mm, with scarious margin, acute mucronate, outside glandular hairy. Petals 5, white, divided almost to the base, slightly longer than the sepals. Stamens 10, filaments dilated at the base, anthers orbicular, yellowish or pale violet, sometimes abortive. Ovary unilocular; Capsule ovoid, longer than calyx, opening by 5, shortly bifid, blunt teeth. Seeds up to 20 per capsule, small, reniform, tuberculate, brown.


Aceh present, Asia-Tropical, Berastagi present, Northern Sumatra present, Temperate Eurasia present, tropical Asia to China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand present
Temperate Eurasia, widely introduced in tropical Asia to China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand. In Malesia only recorded from northern Sumatra (Aceh, Berastagi).


Some authors include this species in the genus Stellaria. Here the viewpoint of Bittrich, l.c., and other recent floristic works in Europe and Asia have been followed.


Locally used as a vegetable.


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