Selliguea triloba

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Selliguea triloba


Asia-Temperate: Hainan (Hainan present), Asia-Tropical: Borneo present; Jawa (Jawa present); Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia present); Maluku (Maluku present); Philippines (Philippines present); Sumatera (Sumatera present)
Indochina, Hainan. Malesia: Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia, Java, Borneo, Philippines, Moluccas.


1 In specimens from Java and Sumatra hydathodes are absent, and fertile fronds are less distinctly notched than sterile fronds. In specimens from Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo and the Philippines, hydathodes may be present in both sterile and fertile fronds, occasionally they are present in fertile fronds only. Specimens from these latter areas have also more regularly notched fertile fronds. 2. Depauperate forms have simple fertile and sterile fronds (Borneo: Nooteboom & Chai 1803, Philippines: Copeland s.n., type of Selliguea matutumensis). These can be distinguished from S. heterocarpa by the distinctive rhizome scales.


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