Viola diffusa

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Viola diffusa


Perennial or annual; Leaves ½-3½ by 1-2 cm, smaller on stolons, suborbicular to ovate or elliptic, cordate to cuneate at base, subacute to obtuse or rounded, crenate to serrate-crenate on margin, long-decurrent on petiole; Stipules 5-9 by c. 1 mm, lanceolate or ovate-lanceolate, long-acute, dentate to fimbriate, green or pale brown, free. Flowers up to 9 mm, pale violet to almost white; Sepals 3-6 by 1-1.5 mm, lanceolate to ovate, acute, sparsely hairy, fimbrio-ciliate, green; Petals 10.5-2 times as long as broad, obovate, the basal smaller than the others, the laterals not bearded; Capsule 4-6 mm, ellipsoid, glabrous.


Asia-Temperate, Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present; Philippines (Philippines present), Himalayas present, Japan present, Southern America: Argentina Northeast (Formosa present)
Himalayas, China, Indo-China, Japan, Formosa, in Malesia: Philippines, New Guinea. .


This species comprises two subspecies, as follows: subsp. diffusa and subsp. apoensis (ELM.) D. M. MOORE.