Kopsia lapidilecta

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Kopsia lapidilecta


Habit unknown. Branchlets glabrous, densely lenticellate, terete. Leaves: Inflorescence with few elongate branches, 3.5-9 cm long with axes 1-8 cm long and branches 2.3 mm wide, glabrous; Sepals ovate, 1.7-2 by 1.4-1.5 mm, 1.2-1.3 times as long as wide, apex rounded, ciliate, otherwise glabrous outside and inside. Stamens inserted 16.7-17 mm from corolla base which is c. 0.8 of corolla tube length in rehydrated flowers; Ovaries 0.9-1 mm high, glabrous; Fruit not seen (see note).


Asia-Tropical, Natuna Island present
Malesia: Natuna Islands.


In an accompanying illustration to the original description a fruit is illustrated. However, none of the original material now extant has any sign of a fruit on it. The illustration shows a falcate fruit with only a small projection on one side.


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