Illicium peninsulare

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Illicium peninsulare


Small tree, to 10 m height, 60 cm girth. Leaves coriaceous, elliptic, (9.5-)10-14.5 (-15) by 4-6.5(-7) cm, midrib impressed above and very prominent below, apex acute to short acuminate, base attenuate, margins ± revolute; petioles 11-20 mm long, grooved on adaxial surface. Flowers axillary on young growth, generally solitary; pedicels 1-7 (-10) mm long at anthesis. Fruit of up to 13 follicles.


Johore present, Malacca present, Pahang present, Peninsular Thailand present, Perak present, Selangor present
Peninsular Thailand; Malay Peninsula (Perak, Pahang, Selangor, Malacca, and Johore).


The Illicium species from the Malay Peninsula have been the source of considerable confusion due to their initial identification as I. cambodianum; this is discussed by Saunders ( I.c.).


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