Hybanthus enneaspermus var. verbi-divini

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Hybanthus enneaspermus var. verbi-divini


Shrubby plant 40-175 cm tall.


Asia-Tropical, Lesser Sunda Is present, W. Flores present
Malesia: Lesser Sunda Is. (W. Flores), 6 collections.


Named in honour of the Societas Verbi Divini, to which several botanically active missionaries belong, namely Fathers KOOY, LOETERS, SCHMUTZ, and VERHEIJEN, see .
Discovered by Father SCHMUTZ who made field observations and photographs, and corresponded with Dr JACOBS about it. At the latter's request Mr A. P. EVERAARTS at the Rijksherbarium dissected and described these specimens and analysed the differences with other H. enneaspermus. He also compared it with the Australian species dealt with in by Mrs E. M. BENNETT, Perth, who was consulted. The decision about the rank was taken by Dr M. JACOBS following an overview of the genus at Kew. Thanks are due to Mr P. G. WILSON, Perth, for his speedy cooperation.