Faika villosa

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Faika villosa


Shrub or small tree, to 3 m; Leaves oblong-elliptic, 24-44 by 6.5-13 cm, chartaceous, base cordate, apex apiculate, acute, bristly along the veins and on both surfaces, but the upper surface becoming ± glabrous, except for the midrib; Inflorescence axillary, flowers solitary, ± sessile.


Asia-Tropical, Cyclops Mts present, Hollandia present, Vogelkop Peninsula present, Wandammen Peninsula present, West New Guinea present
Malesia: West New Guinea (Vogelkop Peninsula, Wandammen Peninsula, Hollandia, Cyclops Mts). .


The villose stems and leaves are conspicu-ous. The older branches are smooth with pale grey-brown bark. The male flowers are yellowish, the fe-male flowers orange, and the ripe drupes black.