Asparagus racemosus

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Asparagus racemosus


Plant with bisexual flowers. Flowers bisexual, scented. Ovary obovoid, c. 1.5 mm long; Seeds 1-3, globose or angled, c. 2-3 mm ø.


Africa present: Guinea (Guinea present), Asia-Temperate, Asia-Tropical: Jawa (Jawa present); Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia present), Flores present, Kangean Is present, Langkawi present, Lesser Sunda Is present, Lombok present, Madagascar present, Madura present, SE. Moluccas present, South Malesia present, Sumba present, Sumbawa present, Tenimber Is present, Timor present, northern states of Australia present, southern Asia present, southern Cape present
Widespread in Africa including the southern Cape, Guinea and Madagascar, through southern Asia into China, in South Malesia and the northern states of Australia; in Malesia: Malay Peninsula (Langkawi, on limestone rocks), Java (in the western half only on the Northcoast, in E on both sides; also Madura and Kangean Is.), Lesser Sunda Is. (Lombok, Sumba, Sumbawa, Flores, Timor), and SE. Moluccas (Tenimber Is.). The range in Malesia is distinctly disjunct on both ends which is due to its drought preference; it is absent from the Sundaland rain-forest core.


There are many synonyms from Africa, Asia and Australia, but none are known to have been used for the Malesian area.
A. racemosus is closely allied to A. cochinchinen- sis and can only be distinguished by a combination of characters. In Malesia they are geographically separated but until a revision of the genus, at least in Asia, is undertaken the taxonomy of this group must remain uncertain.


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