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Asia-Tropical: Australasia:, Queensland (Queensland present) Central China: present Mascarene Islands: present Pacific:, Hawaii present islands of the Pacific south to Kermadec Island: present warmer parts of mainland Asia: present
Mascarene Islands; warmer parts of mainland Asia; Malesia; Queensland; islands of the Pacific south to Kermadec Island (including Hawaii); 10 species.
As pointed out by Ching, the type selected by Ito is a little-known species from central China. In 1969 I placed it as a variety of M. torresiana, but I am now doubtful about this, and have not seen enough material to make a good judgement. In 1965 Iwatsuki included this genus in Thelypteris subg. Thelypteris sect. Metathelypteris but the scales of the latter (here ranked as a genus) are different, also the chromosome number.


Base chromosome number 31; M. ornata diploid (N. India); M. torresiana tetraploid (India, Ceylon, Singapore) and hexaploid (Ceylon); M. viridifrons tetraploid (Japan).


Holttum - in Blumea. 1969: 25
K. Iwats. - in Acta Phytotax. Geobot. 1960: 155
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