Agatea violaris

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Agatea violaris


Large climber. Leaf blade thin-coriaceous, 9-12½ by 5¼-6¾ cm; Stipules deltoid, 1 mm, brown-purple, fimbriate. Inflorescences axillary, sparsely branched racemes to 8 (-20) cm long, also terminal to 17(-20) cm long, fulvous pubescent; Sepals 1-2 by 1 mm. Petals: the smallest 3½-4 by 1½ mm, the middle ones 4 by 2 mm, the lip 7(-9) by 5 mm, hairy, with two extra hair tufts distally near the basal sac. Stamens 2-3 mm; Ovary sparsely pilose, size c. 1 mm. Fruit (immature) 3¼ by 1¾ cm, ellipsoid, brown, glabrous.


Asia-Tropical, Bismarck Mts present, Northern New Guinea present, Pacific present: Fiji (Fiji present); Tonga (Tonga present), Rouffaer and Idenburg R present, Solomons present
Pacific: Fiji, Tonga, Solomons; in Malesia: northern New Guinea (West: Rouffaer and Idenburg R.; East: Bismarck Mts).


Besides BRASS 14057 and DOCTERS VAN LEEUWEN 9708, I had the description of the type, RODATZ & KLINK 236, probably lost in B, from which the figures in brackets are derived.


MERR. & PERRY 1943 – In: J. Arn. Arb.: 208