Fimbristylis recta

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Fimbristylis recta


Perennial with short rhizome. Leaves basal, shorter than the stems, up to 30 cm long, erect, flat, rigid, with obtuse or rounded apex, glabrous, with scabrous margins, greyish green or glaucous, 2-3 mm wide; Inflorescence consisting of a single terminal spikelet. Stamens 3;


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present, Australasia: Northern Territory (Northern Territory present); Queensland (Queensland present), Hammond I. in Torres Strait present, Papua present, Tarara present, Wassi Kussa River present, Western Div present, tropical Australia present
Tropical Australia (Northern Territory, Queensland, Hammond I. in Torres Strait); in Malesia: New Guinea (Papua, Western Div.: Tarara, Wassi Kussa River).


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