Myristica chrysophylla subsp. entrecasteauxensis

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Myristica chrysophylla subsp. entrecasteauxensis


Leaves chartaceous or coriaceous, small or large, ± lanceolate or ovate-elliptic, or (ovate-)oblong, narrower than in subsp. chrysophylla, 2.5-9.5 cm wide, base short-attenuate or narrowly or broadly rounded, not cordate; Fruits (ovoid-)oblong, (2.5-)3-4.5 by 2 cm, with woolly hairs 2-3 mm.


Asia-Tropical, Northern, Central & Milne Bay Provinces present, Papuan Islands present, SE Morobe present, eastern Papua New Guinea present
Malesia: eastern Papua New Guinea (SE Morobe, Northern, Central & Milne Bay Provinces; also Papuan Islands).


1 Subsp. entrecasteauxensis is variable in general habit, and possibly should be divided. Specimens with small, almost lanceolate leaves include NGF 38578 (Henty) and NGF 3142 (Womersley) (the type of M. fatua var. morobensis). Comparatively large and broad-leaved specimens include Brass 25986 and Saunders 57 (from Tufi subdistrict); this latter specimen was discussed by Sinclair (1958: 259) as being intermediate to var. chrysophylla. 2 The dense long hairs of flowers and fruits are somewhat reminiscent of those of M. inopinata.


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