Guioa pterorhachis

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Guioa pterorhachis


Shrub to tree, 3-16 m high, dbh 10 cm to 1.15 m; Branchlets glabrous, at most sparsely sericeous when young; Leaves 3-7-jugate; Inflorescences axillary (to pseudoterminal), (unbranched to) branching basally and along the terete, subsericeous, 1-20.8 cm long axis; Flowers 3.5-4 mm in diam. Sepals 5, ovate, margin (and outside) pilose, margin with glands, inside (sub)glabrous; Petals 5, elliptic (to obovate), 1.1-2.8 by 0.8-1.6 mm, white; Stamens 8; Fruits with 1-3 well developed lobes, 1.4-1.9 by 1.2-2.2 cm, (smooth to) somewhat rugose-ruminate, glabrous, yellow to r id when fresh, blackish when dry; Seeds obovoid, 7.5-10.5 by 6-9 mm;


Asia-Tropical: Borneo present, E Sabah present, Sandakan present, Tawau present
Malesia: Borneo (E Sabah: Sandakan&Tawau).




Guioa pterorhachis resembles G. pleu-yopteris closely; specimens of the latter from Kalimantan Timur (Borneo) may differ only slightly from G. pterorhachis in having a raised and convex instead of a flat and hardly raised midrib on he lower surface of leaflets.


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