Oreobolus pumilio

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Oreobolus pumilio


Leaves distichous, but often less regularly imbricate, overtopping the stems, c. 1 mm wide;


Arfak Mts present, Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present, Australasia: Tasmania (Tasmania present); Victoria (Victoria present), Lake Habbema present, Mt Amungwiwa present, Mt Giluwe present, Mt Goliath present, Mt Sarawaket present, Mt Wichmann present, Mt Wilhelm present, NE. New Guinea present, Papua present, SE. Australia present, W. New Guinea present
SE. Australia (Victoria, Tasmania); in Malesia: New Guinea (W. New Guinea: Arfak Mts, Lake Habbema, Mt Wichmann, Mt Goliath; NE. New Guinea: Mt Sarawaket, Mt Amungwiwa, Mt Wilhelm; Papua: Mt Giluwe). .


KÜKENTHAL treated the New Guinean specimens as a distinct species, O. clemensiae, but they perfectly agree with Tasmanian material of 0. pumilio in L. The species has been recorded also for N. S. Wales and New Zealand, but according to S. T. BLAKE, l.c., all the specimens from those regions belong to other species.


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