Fimbristylis vanoverberghii

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Fimbristylis vanoverberghii


Perennial with woody, shortly creeping-ascending rhizome covered with ovate, striate, fuscous sheaths. Leaves much shorter than the stems, erect or slightly curved, flat or with inrolled margins, long-acuminate, with bristle-like, readily caducous tip, more or less hispid especially beneath, or glabrescent, ⅓-1 mm wide; Inflorescence simple or subcompound, obtriangular, rather dense, with (1-)5-15 spikelets, up to 4 cm long. Stamens 3;


Asia-Tropical: Borneo present (Brunei present); New Guinea present; Philippines (Philippines present), Bauco present, Bontoc Subprov present, Kebar present, Luzon present, Morobe Distr present, N. Sumatra present, NE. New Guinea present, Sattelberg present, Temburong R present, W. Batuhuda present, W. New Guinea present, between Mt Piso-Piso and Toba Lake present, between Sibosar and Parsoburan present
Malesia: N. Sumatra (between Sibosar and Parsoburan; W. Batuhuda; between Mt Piso-Piso and Toba Lake); Borneo (Brunei: Temburong R.); Philippines (Luzon: Bontoc Subprov., Bauco); New Guinea (W. New Guinea: Kebar; NE. New Guinea: Morobe Distr., Sattelberg).


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