Blechnum keysseri

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Blechnum keysseri


Asia-Tropical: Borneo present (Sabah present), Central Papua New Guinea present, E Highlands present, Kinabalu present, Madang present, Milne Bay present, Morobe present, New Ireland present, Papua present, Papua New Guinea present, S Highlands present, W Highlands present, W Sepik present
Malesia: Borneo (Sabah: Kinabalu), Papua, Papua New Guinea (W Sepik, Madang, W Highlands, E Highlands, Morobe, S Highlands, Central Papua New Guinea, Milne Bay, New Ireland).


1. Blechnum keysseri is not well understood and there do not appear to be any characters which would reliably separate it from B. borneense, B. ledermanni, B. saxatile, and B. deorso-lobatum. The type specimens of B. keysseri are fragmentary and the extended description given here is based on a few additional more complete collections. The very robust specimens T.G. Walker T8774 and Jermy 4134 (both BM) considerably extend our understanding of the size variation likely to be found in B. keysseri.
2. Specimens of B. keysseri are usually easily separated from B. melanocaulon which has sterile pinnae conspicuously decurrent at the rhachis. However, some specimens of B. keysseri from Papua New Guinea have pinnae that broaden slightly on the basiscopic margin at the rhachis (e.g. Hoogland 9218, CANB, NSW).


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