Thottea celebica

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Thottea celebica


Erect undershrub, up to 70 cm high. Leaves chartaceous to coriaceous, 22.5-32 by 6.5-9 cm; Inflorescences at the base of the stem, simple, spiciform, 5.5 cm long, puberulous; Stamens in 2 whorls: Capsules (very young) slender, 4-angular, twisted, c. 4 cm long, sparsely puberulous.


Asia-Tropical, Central Celebes present, Lambarese present, NE. Palopo present
Malesia: Central Celebes (Lambarese, NE. Palopo); once collected.


The only species so far known from Celebes. Allied to T. philippinensis, which has a closely reticulate prominent venation underneath the leaves, a slightly shorter perianth not contracted in the lower third, and 4-6 style lobes against c. 12 in T. celebica.