Myristica basilanica

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Myristica basilanica


Tree. Leaves membranous, (elliptic-)oblong, 11-22 by 5-7.5 cm, base rounded or short-cuneate, apex acute-acuminate or ± blunt; Inflorescences (female) (sub)sessile, largely as in Knema: Fruits solitary, subsessile, broadly ovoid, 6 by 4.5-5 cm, apex and base broadly rounded, early glabrescent;


Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines present), Basilan present
Malesia: Philippines (Basilan); known only from the type.


2 The type specimens of Gymnacranthera urdanetensis, from Mindanao (Agusan Prov.), are intermediate between M. basilanica andM. cumingii, but G. urdanetensis has been sunk into M. cumingii. 1 Obviously close to M. iners, which is widespread in W Malesia and in the Philippines known only from Wenzel 3537, a ± deviating collection from Mindanao (Surigao), and quite different from M. basilanica. Myristica iners has pedunculate inflorescences and leaves of which the lower surface is not papillose. Myristica cumingii is similar and related, but has smaller fruits, 5(-5.5) cm, with a persistent indumentum.