Horsfieldia laevigata var. novobritannica

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Horsfieldia laevigata var. novobritannica


Leaves (12-) 17-30 by (3-)5-8 cm. Inflorescences with rather dense woolly indumentum of hairs 0.3-0.5 mm long. Fruits broadly ellipsoid to almost globose, 18-22 by 16-20 mm, drying grey-brown, with coarse wartlike lenticels;


Asia-Tropical: Bismarck Archipelago (Bismarck Archipelago present), New Britain present, Papua New Guinea present
Malesia: Papua New Guinea (Bismarck Archipelago: New Britain).


The staminal column is reminiscent of that in H. irya, and probably the variety originated by hybridization with the latter. Inflorescences of H. irya from this region may be similarly woolly hairy. The leaves of var. novobritannica may show whitish markings, similar to those found in H. irya.


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