Fimbristylis macassarensis

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Fimbristylis macassarensis


Annual. Inflorescence simple, rarely subcompound, with 2-10 spikelets, 1-3 cm across, Involucral bracts 1-2, membranous, ovate, with retuse, cuspidate apex, 2-5 mm long. Stamens (2-)3;


Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines present), Central Luzon present, Macassar present, Madura present, Mt Galesang near Malino present, SW. Celebes present, near Pamekasan present
Malesia: Philippines (Central Luzon); SW. Celebes (Macassar; Mt Galesang near Malino), Madura (near Pamekasan).


Only known from a few rather poor collections. The nuts are usually verruculose, smooth only in the specimens from Mt Galesang. In the Luzon plants the anthers are very small (3/5 mm).
F. macassarensis has nothing to do with F. tenera SCHULT., to which species the oldest Philippine collection was referred by CLARKE. It is very near to F. lanceolata CLARKE, from which it differs rather by quantitative than qualitative characters.


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