Mapania spadicea

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Mapania spadicea


Leaves very densely crowded, strikingly 3-ranked, the rows prominent and fan-like at the base (almost as in M. graminea), coriaceous, linear, with the midnerve prominent beneath and 2 whitish lateral nerves somewhat prominent above, slightly narrowed towards the conduplicate base, gradually narrowed into a long, flagelliform, triquetrous, very scabrous acumen, densely serrate-scabrous throughout the margins and on the midnerve beneath in the upper part, glaucous, very shining above, dull beneath, up to 170 by 9-14 mm; Inflorescence usually a single spikelet, sometimes consisting of 2-3 fasciculately arranged spikelets (both types occurring on the same plant). Flowers about as long as the glumes;


Asia-Tropical: Borneo present, E. Borneo present, Sanggau present, W. Borneo present, W. Kutei present
Malesia: Borneo (W. Borneo: Sanggau; E. Borneo: W. Kutei).