Fimbristylis tetragona

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Fimbristylis tetragona


Glabrous, glaucous perennial with short rhizome, or annual in unfavourable circumstances. Leaves of the flowering stems reduced to 2-3 obliquely truncate, membranous, ferrugineous or fuscous, 3-10 cm long sheaths, bladeless or the uppermost with a short, lanceolate blade; Inflorescence consisting of a single terminal spikelet. Stamens 1-3;


Asia-Tropical: India present; Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia present, Singapore present); New Guinea present; Philippines (Philippines present); Thailand (Thailand present), Banka present, Ceylon present, Jesselton present, Kuala Pahang present, Kuching present, Lesser Sunda Is present, Lombok present, Luzon present, Madura present, N. Borneo present, N. Sumatra present, S. Celebes present, S. China present, Southern America: Argentina Northeast (Formosa present), Sumba present, W. and Central Java present, tropical Australia present
From Ceylon and India through Thailand and Indo-China to S. China, Formosa, and tropical Australia; in Malesia: N. Sumatra, Banka, Malay Peninsula (very local: Kuala Pahang, Singapore), W. and Central Java, Madura, Kangean, Lesser Sunda Is. (Lombok, Sumba), N. Borneo (Jesselton, Kuching), Philippines (Luzon), S. Celebes, New Guinea (very local).


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