Paranephelium joannis

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Paranephelium joannis


(Shrub to) tree, up to 24 m high, dbh 10-40(- 60) cm; Leaves 2- or 3 -jugate, (laxly) tomentose, glabrescent; Inflorescences axillary to terminal, stout and often clustered, 20-38 cm long,densely yellow tomentose to strigose. Flowers sweetly fragrant, white. Sepals 5 (or 6), connate at base, deltoid to ovate, 0.2-2.3 by 0.6-1.8 mm, acute to mucronate. Petals 5, blade small to absent (but mind the scale!), narrowly spathulate, 0-1.7 by 0-1 mm, outside glabrous to pilose; Stamens 7 or 8; Fruits 2.5-4 by 3.5-4.5 cm, yellowish or brownish or red to black, laxly to densely spiny, glabrous to densely shortly strigose.


Asia-Tropical: Borneo present
Malesia: Borneo.


The seeds are edible when cooked.