Rauvolfia kamarora

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Rauvolfia kamarora


Shrub 1.5-2 m high. Leaves usually in whorls of 3, rarely 4; Inflorescence 3-7 cm long, usually in whorls of 2 or 3, rarely solitary, lax, 2-9-flowered; Sepals ovate or subtriangular 1.7-3.1 by 0.8-1 mm, 2-3.7 times as long as wide, apex obtuse to acute, glabrous. Stamens inserted at 6-8 mm from the base, 0.6-0.7 of the length of the corolla tube; Fruit red when mature, usually of paired mericarps free from each other, with a very short stalk, sometimes only 1 carpel developing, subglobose to globose, 11-13 by 10-11 mm, 1.1-1.3 times as long as wide, apex rounded; Seeds 1, obliquely ovoid, 8-10 by 3-4 mm, 2-3.3 times as long as wide, acute at both ends, glabrous.


Asia-Tropical: Sulawesi (Sulawesi present)
Malesia: Sulawesi.


Kessler et al. 2002 – In: Blumea: 15